For the love of Tulip

Hello my lovelies!
Tariye Deina Amos
Welcome to November. I want to sincerely apologize for my short hiatus from blogosphere. Work has got me so preoccupied lately. Especially with the seasons drawing nearer and homes needing attention and care. I have to pay mind to the needs of my client above other things. However, I promised to strike a balance between the two worlds that i am currently navigating. So here I am to serve you in the little way I can.

amosdeina.wordpress.comBecause I have been on the road a lot lately, I haven’t had the chance to dress up for any event. So when I got the chance, all my fashion intuition kicked in and led me to this one tulip skirt that I had made by my consistent tailor Mamos for GrownGirlFashion.
The patterned print fabric for the skirt was bought from the local market in Lagos Island for just under $2.
Tariye Deina
Love the skirt?
Available in different colors at Max Fashion and Mango stores, The Palms-Lekki Lagos.
A DIY nut? Make one just as easily. Feel free to use photo as guide.
amosdein.wordpress.comUntil next week,
Keep Reading, Keeping Living…
Tariye Deina Amos


Happy Anniversary!

Hello my lovelies!

Yaaaaaaay!  GrownGirlFashion turned one year old this weekend! How cool is that? Looking back,  it’s been an amazing experience. I have learnt from other bloggers,  inspired by others and contributed my own little fair share to the blogosphere. I am somewhat awestruck that I have managed to keep it going amidst my personal struggles post independence. Now although we are not quite where we want to be, the fact that I am actually able to post even now makes me want to believe that there is hope for the future.  Why wait till January 1st to write out my resolution when I only have one? (That is to move GrownGirlFashion to the next level)!

Yes! The show must go on and in a big way.  I have freed up my work schedule to accommodate my post time which is just as essential. I would really like your help, comments,  advice on the best way to promote this blog. Feel free to share please. I also want to sincerely thank all our followers for your likes, comments and support. Every one of you give me the strength to carry on. So thank you!


To mark this milestone, here’s Yours Truly in a Black Kenwood blazer, bought from a local thrift store in Lagos, paired with a pink DIY Peter Pan shirt (made by Mamos for GrownGirlFashion) and my white pants by New Look. The shoes I got on sale  at Max Fashion, Lekki, Lagos.


My 11-yr-old “adopted” son,  Josh Stevenson took these amazing pictures outside their penthouse. The wine was his idea as well as the strikingly different poses.

What are your thoughts??? So Fetch?

Until next week,  keep reading,

Keep living,







Purple is Royal!???

Hi guys!

Hope you had a great weekend.  Mine was all kinds of lazy. I took a few days off work and decided to just do absolutely nothing! Then Monday came and I had to snap out of It! Back to work! I enjoy what I do. Turning other people’s boring spaces into something warm and inviting fills me with a sense of accomplishment.


That aside, I thought long and hard on what to post today.  And I remembered this bridesmaid’s dress I wore to my friends wedding in May. The colours of the day were Royal Purple and gold.  I designed the dress in velvet and lace pattern and passed it on to the established Christiana Hebrews who performed wonders with her machine. You can tell she is great at what she does.  Although we had to pinch ourselves for her fee,  we got exactly what we wanted. What can I say? Wedding day only comes once. Maybe not! IMG-20140517-WA0036

My fellow bridesmaid’s helped in choosing the gold net headpiece, gold tear drop earrings and gold shoes which were the only accessories as we accompanied the very happy bride who couldn’t stop grinning by the way. What do you think? Are we royal? And Oh! The groomsmen were so complimentarily fetch in their suit with purple ties.

(In this photo: #Bolaboo #Anuli #Ifeoma #Dee as Maid of Honor #Jesse as groomsmen).

Until next week,

Keep reading, keep living..



Name Change

Hi guys,


So I just want to state the obvious name change from FRETAR to GrownGirlFashion.  I could bore you with the reason why or I could just tell you that we have grown and will therefore now stand out as our name implies.  Who is with me?


I love this layered necklace in gold and blue. What do you think?  YES OR NO??? 


Sweater Weather


Hello my darlings!
Welcome to a brand new week.  What did you get up to over the weekend. I had a busy one. Work got in the way but I managed to find time for a day-date with my girls.
imageThis is what I wore for the impromptu outing.  My new pink sweater which is perfect for the August break when it rains for hours unending. And this tights which was a gift from Caris Wooler. Bless her heart!  My red atmosphere pumps proved to be just the right finishing accessory.




My hair and makeup was an obvious fail but oh Well, sometimes,  when you are having a great time with friends,  hair and makeup is one less problem.

Until next week, keep reading,  keep living,


Electric Blue


Hello my lovelies!

Hope you enjoyed your weekends. Weekends are meant to give us a little time away from  our oh-so-busy schedules.
I personally prefer to indulge myself with some R and R. This weekend, I went night swimming with my pool buddy  and almost adopted son Josh Stevenson. Shhhh (He might kill me if he ever sees this!) For a preteen, dude is super competitive! But hey! It relaxes me.


Before I get lost in my weekend escapades with an underaged boy, who is lovely by the way 😉 Here is a quick fix for Sunday brunch.


I wore a colorblock bandage dress I bought on sale at with my favourite new look court shoes in electric blue and my charcoal atmosphere blazer.  My go-to monochrome purse from Matalan UK is just the right accessory to finish off this reserved look.


Until next week, go ye therefore and experiment with this fun colour..

Keep reading, keep living…


Cape – Town!


Hello my darlings!

Welcome to September! The year is almost coming to an end. What have you achieved so far? If like me, you are still not quite there yet,  it is okay! What’s more important is that we are still living and therefore stand a chance to excel! Don’t be discouraged,  keep pushing till you get whatever you are looking for. It will surely happen.



Join me as I embrace September in a white funky bejeweled blouse number by Mamos for Fretar. My pink pumps (Note silver detail!) from Max Fashion, Lagos stands out when paired with my new favourite high waisted jeans by Atmosphere and regular copy Hermes purse.



Want to be funky this season? It’s all in the details. Go experimental with capes and glitter.

Get the look:

1. 2 yards cotton fabric (petite size featured here)

2. A pair of high waisted bottoms

3. Pumps with a shiny or spikey detail

4. The grown girl smirk…

Photocredit: Ed,  Ed & Ed


Keep reading, keep living…



The Pink, Peach and Nude Affair

Hello my lovelies,

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. How have your weeks been? Mine has been pretty eventful. I was a facilitator for my church’s youth empowerment workshop.  And as someone who appreciates a great learning opportunity,  I was thrilled to have one of the most brilliant  HR specialist as a tutor.  I always welcome with open arms, a chance to learn and contribute towards community. What are you doing to give back?


As a handpicked facilitator (and with a pathological fear of public speaking), I braved the storm in this number.


For this event, I chose an old peach wrap skirt I’ve had for years( and which I would probably never give away! – Hoarder! 🙂 ) and my go-to pink blouse with the complimentary Cream Blazer by Noble. I finished it off with my nude pumps by Dorothy Perkins.

And oh! My fashionista niece Ella came to support me in a  flowery dress. How do you overcome stage fright? Feel free to share it with us.

Keep reading, keep living…



And It Was All Yellow!

Hello my lovelies !

How are you all today? Do you need some motivation like I do? Here’s hoping this quick fix will make things a bit easier.

Whenever I am in a rut about anything in my life , I just look at my mirror image and practice my widest grin. I find it is almost therapeutic as I always end up laughing so hard at myself. And in that moment, I switch moods to thankful instead of being gloomy and feeling frustrated.


In turn, I always chose the color yellow for that day to keep me feeling happy all day long. (In this post, I am wearing a yellow Blazer I bought from, with a simple white blouse by Dorothy Perkins and a nameless pencil skirt that I got as a gift on my 27th birthday. My vintage white pumps, Layered necklace, metallic gold belt and monochrome purse were just the right complimentary accessories).

What do you do to get out of your moods? Feel free to share…

You too can make yellow work for you …

1. One and half yard cotton fabric (for a size 8 Blazer)

2. Plain white T or blouse

3. Plain black pencil skirt

4. A grown girl laugh

Rock this look at your next big function… And stand out.

Until next time,

Keep reading,  keep living…





Red Riding Hood


Hello my darlings!

How has your week been so far? Mine is going great as you can see in that electrifying smile. BUT could be better. It amazes me how we always almost seem to want BETTER even when we have GREAT. I guess we are just wired that way. Here’s hoping that we find whatever it is we are all looking for…IMG_20140811_140350

Before I slip into more words, Here’s Yours Truly in a striped pencil skirt paired with my new favourite black peplum blouse, red belt and coral necklace that I got from a Lost in Lagos Exhibition at a ridiculously slashed rate. I finished off this look with my very comfortable red pumps by New Look.


How can I forget to list my favourite purse. I will have to apologise in advance as you will see a lot of it here. The monochrome trend is one of my fashion obsessions. And this purse proves it.

IMG_20140811_070757Red is such a fun and alive color, go right ahead and add  a pop of red to your wardrobe or make what you have work for you by pairing it creatively as seen in photos.


Don’t have this pieces? Make yourself one.  You will need:

1. 1 yard striped fabric for skirt ( size featured here is a 8 and may differ)

2. 1  and half yard black cotton fabric for peplum blouse( you can choose to do it in red for a bolder and brighter look)

3. A mean tailor or machine

4. That grown girl smile


Until next time,..

Keep reading. Keep living…