Skater Chic!

Hello My Darlings!

How’s your week been so far? Mine has been quite busy which is why I am so thrilled that it is yet another weekend. Can I say it any louder how much I love the weekends? They are my favorite time of the week! Mondays are the most dreadful! I read somewhere that, that may be a direct  result of how much you hate your job! But in my case, that theory is relatively unfounded! I adore my job! As the account executive of  Bokupon – a mobile coupon advertising company I enjoy the challenges of Couponing and the little glories that come along with it.

Shoot! that was me drifting into my work life…

Now before I get lost in that thought which may be detrimental to both our eyes and ears, here is a quick fix.

Featured in this post is Yours Truly in a red/black mini dress (worn here as a makeshift top and a purple skater skate which I’ve had since I was 19! (consider me a serial hoarder :D). I adore these ever so flattering skater skirts with their dramatic flaring cuts which could almost make any petite girl feel like an ice skater.
The look is paired with a glitter gold platforms, a gold belt and a statement necklace that I bought from the local market for a friend’s purple themed wedding.
4-1[1] 3[1]

Inspiration Corner:
You too can achieve this look:

For the skater skirt,you will need the following:
1. 2 yards silk fabric (depending on size- The skirt here is a size 8)
2. 2 yards lining fabric
3. Good Tailor or machine
4. Fretar grown girl laugh

Now that you know just how to be a little more amazing than you already are, rock this look and make a lasting impression at that next party, outing or beach!

*Photo Credit: Ola Images*

All my love,

Femme Fatale

Hello Gorgeous You!



Yaaay!!! The weekend is finally here again and there is so much to do with so  little time! Am sure you all agree with me. What are your plans for the weekend? Please feel free to share it with Fretar. On my part, My BFF (Deina) is visiting for a week and we have planned a late Tuesday movie night amidst work and all the rigors of living in enchanting LAGOS and both having to work jobs that require our presence at the weekends. Of course, we still have the weekend nights to catch up on boys and their endless antics with the female heart.

Our movie of choice hasn’t been decided yet. Our last cinema trip wasn’t all that impressive with our pick of the Lone Ranger. We both agreed it fell a little below expectation considering our ultimate man crush “The Johnny Depp’ was in it.

Okay snap! Drifting away phase over now!

Today, I am featuring an all blue ensemble I wore to church sometime in September. I have had this satin electric blue shirt forever! It’s always a wonder how it brightens up the most basic skirt or jeans.

Baby Steps

Baby Steps

In this post, my wonder electric blue satin shirt is worn with a DIY paper lace cobalt blue peplum skirt that was designed by Fretar and tailored by Mamos, my reliable and efficient tailor! (I keep promising to take sewing lessons by the way….What do you think?  I think it will be a great asset!). Knowing me, I added a bit of pleat at the back to give off a vintage vavavoom feeling. The length speaks elegance and the matching blue and gold rimmed criss-crossed platforms adds a trace of sexy to the overall look!
DSC_9955-1[1]You too can experiment with the blues:

To make the DIY skirt, you will need the following:

1. 1 and half yard paper lace + 1 yard plain material for lining

2. Tailor or sewing machine

3. Basic blue shirt (You can reverse the look – cobalt up/electric down

4. Mean platforms

5. Well manicured nails

6. Grown girl sexy smirk :D




Blues can work with any color.

Blues are a guy’s color (Myth)

Armed with all the information to make the blues work for you, Embrace the new week with a blue attitude and unleash your femme fatale…

All my love,



Dotted lines

Hello My lovelies!
1 (4)

October is half gone and I am already looking forward to November! It’s amazing how the months run and almost crash into each other like in a horse race. Only, the price isn’t exactly stated. It’s almost as if 2014 can’t wait to welcome us. May the best month win and may we all live to see many more years to come.

Okay, that was me drifting away, I tend to do that subconsciously. Remember how I promised to keep Fretar floating no matter what? Well, these past weeks was almost like a test to see if I will indeed keep my own part of the bargain. It turns out, I can! Yes we can!  Although I am emotionally in a not-so-great place, I can still hear Fretar ringing in my head to post something.
It’s almost as if we’ve made a connection to stay true to each other.

So here we are: Featured in this post is Yours Truly in a polka dot chiffon shirt. The polka dot has indeed come to stay. I strongly recommend all Fretar lovers to own a few pieces. I have them  in countless blouse numbers  and skirts. It is easy to style and effortlessly chic!

polka shock

polka shock

Polka dots in Chiffon is very handy! (Non-iron)
Polka dots can be worn as formal/casual clotthing
Polka dots adds a tad pf viontage freshness to your wardrobe

Go ye therefore, and be amazing this week!
Barkah De Sallah!

All my Love,


On the Go…

Hi guys!

How has your week been so far?  Mine has been quite eventful and tasking all at once. Remember I mentioned in my last blog about my move to my own place? Well, it finally came to pass and I have settled in pretty easy thanks to amazing friends. (Ed is the best of ‘em all)!

Moving on, I always wondered how celebrities like JESSICA ALBA, Reese Witherspoon, Rachel Bilson, Blake Lively and Victoria Beckham always seemed to look friesh, fashionable and smart while donning casual attires. So i spent some time looking at their on-the-go photos and it struck me. They make basic pieces work with handy accessories. You will almost always find these fashion forward women in jeans, basic T, pumps, blazer and a fancy purse. The message is simple, am casual but hell yeah i must be taken seriously.

With that message in mind, the :,next time you are dressing casual which is inevitable, please do not think granny pants, slacks or sweatpants. Make a fashion statement even with the most basic wardrobe pieces.

See my photo as a guide and feel free to leave comments and suggestions. Sadly, I do not own a DSLR so I may not post the best photos but I won’t be deterred. Until I can finally afford the meanest DSLR available… |Please be patient with me afterall, Fretar is an ordinary/average girl’s guide to finding her true fashion identity.

on the go 2

Do have a lovely weekend,



Scarf & Stripes

Scarf & Stripes


Floral, White & Electric Blue


Turtleneck fierce


Stripe action


Boho chic


Independence at all cost

Independence at all cost

Hello beautiful you,

Hope your weekend is starting out okay. Mine certainly is! I have a to visit the local market to get supplies for my new apartment. (How exciting! Chances are, I may end up at my special thrifted clothing  vendor’s store).

The thought of being able to move out of my family home is daunting but exciting at the same time. Don’t we all desire to have our own little space at some point in our lives? I use to feel guilty about leaving but now I’ve come to appreciate the idea of exploring me. Yes! we must all explore ourselves and see what we can do alone.

I am however, in no way implying that it is wrong to be with family, friends or colleagues! I am only saying that when we do crave that moment when we want to be completely alone, we shouldn’t feel guilty about it. I like to indulge myself and do things i enjoy such as playing dress up in my room and organizing my room. I do that too frequently… :D

So in remembrance of my big bold leap of faith, I decided to share this photo with you all. Green white Green is my country’s (Nigeria) Independence national color/flag. So it all works out pretty perfect don’t you think?

Featured in this shot is a washed white blazer worn over a green tank top by Lisa Li with a snakeskin mini skirt (DIY). I added a pop of yellow (belt) and a grey cut-out heels which  was a gift from Mr. Blah blah Blah…

You too can rock this look: You will need:

1.  A basic blazer (FYI: Blazers are my fetish! I own tons of them and don’t plan on      stopping :D (Fretar’s go-to  wardrobe essential)

2.  Tank top (wardrobe essentials)

3.  Mini Skirt (Fretar wardrobe essential)

4.  Killer Shoes (Fretar wardrobe essential)

5.  Rocker Smile (Fretar grown girl essential)

Go accessorize this look and get noticed. This Look is appropriate for work, party, church, special occasion…

And Oh, I shall keep you updated with the look of  my new apartment. It’s speaks Purple! My favorite color!

All my Love,

Fretar :)


The Asymmetrical Debut













Hello All,

Welcome to my blog! I am so happy to finally get to this stage where I can actually start writing and sharing  all the amazing things that happen to me (fashion wise) and  around me. I, like many others have suffered tremendously from the procrastination syndrome. I remember way back in 2009 when i was first intrigued by the idea of blogging and started one. But like many other bloggers nightmare, School totally got in the way and i failed miserably. I cannot even remember the blog address thanks to my sucky memory! Throughout this trial and error experience, What i did realize was that we often let one single failure rule over our lives and instill so much fear that we often resign ourselves to losing. I have been there and done it. Which is why I am only able to get back to it after 4 long years!

Now that am a little wiser (they say, with age comes wisdom), I am able to not let fear get the best of me. I have resolved to resume blogging and what’s more… I now am prepared and more decisive on the topic I want my blog  “Fretar” to be about. FASHION! Yes! Being an African woman with deep roots in Nigeria, I am pretty keen on fashion trends especially our trademark ankara fabrics with which one can perform fashion wonders. (Watch out for those pieces on here soon)

However, before I get carried away, I have featured a DIY look here as my-first-ever-welcome-back-to-the-blog world treat. The High-Low skirt trend was a huge hit this past summer and I had mine custom made in a bright orange chiffon with a banded lace waist. ( I find it is cheaper for us low budget women!)  I paired it with a basic white tank top by Atmosphere UK  with  black shoes by Atmosphere UK hence giving it the perfect patchwork look. I modeled this fun and playful look for my dear friend and photographer Steven Trystan (who rendered both his service and apartment! Beautiful house in Lekki-Lagos). The shoot was a prep for a much bigger shoot that i hope to feature in soon.

You too can achieve this look. You will need the following:

1. Good tailor

2. 1/2 yard Chiffon material (any color)

3. half yard lace material (for band)

4. Blackopen toe shoes

5. A brilliant smile


There, go make fashion statement this week and thank me later :D

Besides what’s more charming than getting heads turn at the sight of you?

Go be amazing with support from Fretar

All my love,